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Ian Cairncross
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Ian Cairncross You could compare this to Tera Melos, and it's close. However, this band is bringing their own flare to the math rock genre. It's bouncy, uses odd time signatures as it should, and leaves you wanting more. You're gonna like the way it sounds. I guarantee it Favorite track: Long Jump.
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Sil Damone - Bass / Vox
Jake Kelsoe - MIDI / Guitar
Alex Simonian - MIDI / Guitar
Jordan Krimston - Drums / Samples


Drums/Bass Recorded at Halfway Home w/ Trevor Levieux
Vocals recorded by Sil Damone
Guitars recorded by Jake Kelsoe
Mixed by Band Argument
Engineered by Jake Kelsoe
Mastered by Jake Kelsoe at Singing Serpent Studios
Art by Dallas Dyson

Recorded Nov/Dec 2018


released January 16, 2019


all rights reserved



Band Argument San Diego, California


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Track Name: Buddy
buddy what did you find buddy?
honey tell me something funny
will you ever even know me?
buddy don’t be a hero!

what did you find?

seafaring motorsport yacht club next to resort
nighttime takes new meaning under this cream awning
pick all your feathers out, ’tis time for aching now
oh my buddy’s forlorn
Track Name: Standing on Shoulders
perfect posture straighten your back look right
loud in coffers. take this one too, in stride
red blue glasses show climb up there and know all things
if you could feel alive would you betray your wisest whims
is a pro, that’s when your brand new phones
callin me up
eating out? jokes on you I’m never full I pout
through eating out
two blocks under my feet to hold me up above the seat
treetop view from the trek I love hold me up above the sea
up there up there (i have) perfect posture
I just have one question one simple question in mind
have you already ate? nothing?
Track Name: Long Jump
from the window foggy eyes
no mistake hangs on the door
linger one minute more
no thanks no thank you
Track Name: Sneaker Keeper
no need for clothing here anymore
fabric fear, I’ll tell you about it
if ya care to listen

not anymore
don’t want this sleeve thing here
no shorts and no tshirt hear my cries!
don’t need this canvas for the score
no jeans and no jacket, furthermore
if you could be here I would be happy if you tried

undo this knot, give free hrt
covet my hill and valleyed home
soon we’ll be clothed
undo this note
I’m open to changing all my namesakes
outed through and through

forging all my faces
won’t be needing these laces anymore
bored sleepin all around me bu bu bumping me so soundly
one more chance to see me naked
Track Name: Dinner
mouth opens wide
I’m not sad, not sad I am
a little lamb not a little lamb
peels and rinds
what will I eat the day I die? what future feasts will I not eye and
complex strings of dance moves
impress with thought! movement is wrought!
how bout neither or a knee jerk
who are you to show me tv
I’d be lyin if i wanted
I’d be lyin if i could even try

what it could be if I try from the start
you won’t regret it you’ll be better off
are you alright? are you alright? you are alright

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